Monday, December 7, 2009

My Reflection of the year

For my Reflection this year I think I did a bit well and a bit not so good because I think I have been a little naughty to my Teachers but on the bright side I have been a good girl.

The thing I want to Improve next year is working really hard on my exams and making sure I listen to my teachers and parents. Next year I will promise you that I will be a better person and be a better role model to little kids around the school. Oh one more thing I hope you make a  goal for yourself Next year.

My Highlight for this year is preforming in our school production I also like participating in sport in our school like for example Netball,Rugby  and Athletics. If you want to hear about our school production than please read the next blog I am about to post on my blog.

Through out this whole year I think I preformed really well. I think on term 1 I was really excited  about coming back to school but when the thing started to change was in term 2 I started to get a little bit lazy and slack. After term 2  it was the next term I thought I was going to be lazy and slack . But I really wasn't it started to get a bit better . The cool thing was was that it got even better in term 4 because we did a lot of fun and cool things it was fantastic 

The most coolest Cooking Day ever

 Picnic On the 03/12/09
"MMMMMM" I said as my stomach was growling for some food. Oh hi today at school we had a share lunch. For our share lunch we had to be into a group of four or five but in my group we had  six people. It was a lot but it turned out really great at the end.

When we had our share lunch Ms Squires said we had to bring something we made at home the thing that I made was wait for it wait for it............... I made the most populist pancakes which are called pikelets the pikelets  I had made  was a nice spread of strawberry jam and a big blob of beautiful white cream which was put it to the cold fringe it was as cold as the ice in Antarctica that was about to melt into dry grass

When we started our share lunch my friend Seini-Mino brought  chop suey and rice my other friends brought (Ala) cupcakes and chocolate, (Toreka) Sticky rice, (Selena) potato salad and Rice, (Mubasshira) Brownies, Cake, (Me) Pikelets and Cheerios sausages with sauce dipping.

My favourite food that I ate was the chop suey and rice it was so nice that I wanted to to eat it all. The other favourite thing that I ate was the pikelets that I made it was Delicious it was delicious because I liked the jam that was spreaded onto the pikelets.

My Highlight for the day was eating the other peoples food and eating my own food. I was so excited when Ms Squires said we were having a share lunch I was so excited like a monkey getting excited to eat his Banana.
                                     The End 

Monday, November 30, 2009

 KIA Ora and welcome people if you can see right next to my writing you will see a movie this movie was for our Pt England film festival that we had in our school hall. This movie were made by five year five's there name's were Toreka,Seini-Mino,Sylvia,Aidan and me oh and don't forget we had one year six his name was Jordan S. If you like this movie than please leave me comment and tell me what your reaction is. For now I want you to have a good time and enjoy bye.
 Hello and welcome today my ladies and gents you are going to go on a Paleontologist adventure. If you don't know what a Paleontologist is it is a scientist that learns about different dinosaurs.

The paleontologist that I was learning about was Robert Broom. He was the first paleontologist to find out about mammal fossils. If you want to learn about more information about this man then please watch my movie that I recorded and if you know about a Paleontologist than please leave me a comment and tell me what his or her name is. But for now sit back relax and enjoy the movie. ENJOY.    
 This movie is about a fairy tale that I worked on in my classroom this fairy tale is a popular fairy tale it is called Cinderella. Cinderella is a story about a girl that was forced to clean every inch and corner of the house.

If you like this fairy tale then your just luck but if you don't like this fairy tale then please leave a comment to tell me what your favourite fairy tale is. but for now sit back relax and enjoy the show of my fairy tale. ENJOY  

Monday, November 23, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Hello and welcome this term at our school we are learning about Food Glorious Food. In my class we are learning about what kind of food people eat when they have a celebration like for example if you came to my church in panmure you find out about a celebration that some countries celebrate in their own village our city well the celebration is White Sunday if you don't what White Sunday is I am going to tell you about it on my second paragraph.

White Sunday  is like a Children's day it is all about the kids having fun and enjoying their time. If you came to my church you will have to wear white and you will have to preform the item that you have practice In your own time at home when my Group had to preform I felt so nervous because I might make a mistake in.

The Celebration that I am going to show you is about my Grandpas birthday it was his 70Th birthday. He had it at church which was really special. If you have ever have been to a celebration than please leave me a comment and tell me about it thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the movie. Bye.

The Fight Of The Century

!!!!Bang!!! went the fist straight on to his beautiful Mouth but now it is not beautiful. It was the first round of the fight it was the  FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!!! Bomb another fist straight in to the cheek.after the first round the second round began. !!Bam,Wooosh,Wallop, Boosh!!!!! David Tua Strikes again and that was the end of that fight. It Over

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My adventurists Holiday

"Yayyyy" as I shouted across the house I was so excited when it was my nieces birthday she was turning three years old. Straight after breakfast we hopped into the big van ready to go. Our first stop was at Chipmunks I felt excited as soon as the car stopped when we got inside we ran up the slippery ladder it was slippery because we had to wear socks and man that was hard.

"Weeeeeeeee" as I went down the BIGGEST,HUMONGOUS slide in the whole of Chipmunks it was so big that I thought that I was on Mt Everest (jokes). After I went zooming down Mt Everest I mean The big slide I went running through the Playground. As I was speeding through the playground I felt like I was actually going through a dark spooky fun forest but with of weird looking poles(I am actually talking about the fun slides)

After we finished having fun at chipmunks we went  to my nieces house and waited for the fight of the century which was David Tua and Shane Cameron. As we were waiting for the fight to come we had a big feed we had some scrabbled eggs,soup and rice. Oh if you want to find out more about the David Tua fight then please come back and read my Next post.Bye

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Speaking in my language

Samoa: Talofa lava lo'u ingoa o Angela e sefulu lo'u tausaga.E tolu tagata i lo'u aiga o lo'u tama (Fale),Lo'u tina (Tui) ma lo'u uso (Juanita). Le ingoa o lo'u aoga o Pt England Primary le numera o lo'u faleboku ole sefulu Lima (15). Le meai e fiafia ai a'u ole Talo male fa'i meamata . Fafetai lava. le la olu a'u. Fa

English: Hello my name is Angela I am ten years old. I have three people in my family it my dad (Fale) my mum (Tui) and my sister (Juanita). The name of my school is Pt England Primary the number of my classroom is fifteen. My favourite food is Taro and green Banana. Thank you very much now I have to go. Bye

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My favourite Netball player

Hello,as you can see I am going to tell you who my favourite Netball player is well my favourite Netball player is Maria Tutaia I like her because she has a lot of skills and that she moves the ball very fast so that they called a score. The Silver Ferns last game against Australia was pretty tight because the scores were 33 to New Zealand and 36 to Australia so that why I thought it was pretty tight. Well back to Maria Tutaia and guess what the weirdest thing is that she is a Samoan as well. When I saw her play she played really well,she played so well that I thought that she got the most shoots in the hoop. Now That what you call a Netball player. Well that's all I got time for. Oh and if you want to tell me who your favourite Netball player is than please leave me a comment and tell me who it is even if it is a Netball player from another Team it weillbe alright . well. Bye

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog wordle

Today  in extension we had a amazing time with the best computer expert  Mrs Burt. She told us to go to a website called Wordle.  I was like to myself Wow this sounds like a great website  and when we went on to it I found out this was a great website. It was so cool because we got to create our own wordle and  if you look above my writing you can see one of the examples I made in wordle. If you look closely you would see that the  biggest word is people. The biggest word is people because that's the word I use most of the time. Well that's all I have time for. Oh and if you want to try Wordle you can just click on the wordle that's highlighted in blue and don't forget to leave me a comment about what your wordle turned out like and if your wordle did not work I am really sorry. Bye 

My incredible friend Ala

Hi today I am going to tell you about my incredible friend Ala. You know why she is incredible? because all the classes I have been in since I started she was in that class as well and that why she is so incredible. She is good in lot of things like for example sport,swimming,reading and maths but the most thing I think she is good at the most is cross country and if you want to know how good she is here is a footage and a picture of her I hope you enjoy it. The other incredible thing about her is that she is a caring , loving and a good friend she is also a beautiful looking friend. Well that is all I have time for. Oh and if you want tell me what your incredible friend is then please leave it in your comment.Bye for now.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider 
climbed up the water
spout down came the rain
and wash the spider out........ 
out came the sunshine and dried
 up all the rain so incy wincy spider 
 climbed up the spell again. 

Incy Wincy Spider 
climbed up the water
spout down came the rain
and wash the spider out........ 
out came the sunshine and dried
 up all the rain so incy wincy spider 
 climbed up the spell again. GO INCY WINCY SPIDER

A big Thankyou to this Website for tis beautiful lovely picture

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hickory Dickory Dock Poem

.Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse ran up the
clock the clock struck
one the mouse ran down
Hickory Dickory dock

Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse ran up the
clock the clock struck
one the mouse ran down
Hickory Dickory dock 

and Thank you to this Website  for this Hickory Dickory Dock picture

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tongan Ferry( A very sad story)

Hi today I m going to talk about something really sad that I saw on the News and heard from some people it was something that happened in Tonga. People said that the Tongan Ferry had went deep down in to the water they also said that they went out into the water at around 11 pm at night. Wow that is a really late time at night to go out. The boat was only Thirty years old and it has died that is really sad . Well it also said that there were Fifty men's that were out on the boat and the mother and the children were inside sleeping. When I watched the 3 News it said that there were 64 people missing and 2 people were found dead. The boats name was princess Ashika she was a special boat to the Tongan people. I hope they find those people in the water. Oh and if any of your family members were on this boat please leave me a comment and tell me about how you feel and who that person is and if you don't want to tell me about it I will understand, Thank you very much. Oh don't forget a big Thank you to this website for this beautiful picture of Ashika and google images

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hamish Campbell conference

Hi today I am going to tell you about the conference that the extension group had with a famous geologist and a paleontologist Hamish Campbell He works in a museum called Te Papa it is in  the capital city of New Zealand,Wellington. He works with a lady called Diana-Grace she is a important person at the Te Papa museum. Hamish Campbell talked to us about the earthquake that happened in Fiordland. the earthquake was 30 second long.

He said that earthquakes a really dangerous because it can happened really quickly and we have no warnings that it going to happened but the most dangerous thing about it is that people can die.  He knows this because in Tangshan,China 1976  their was a humongous earthquake that happened just in fifteen seconds and during that earthquake 242.000 people died in it and around 57.000 people were injured and that made us feel really sad.  But in the Fiordland earthquake nobody died and it was longer than the China one. They said that the earthquake in Fiordland was also felt in  New Plymouth.

In our first conference we were talking about the dinosaurs we were also talking about a lady that found the very first fossil in New Zealand  her name was Joan Wiffen she is a really special person to New Zealand.Well unfortunately in this conference, Hamish Campbell said in a sad voice " Joan Wiffen as actually past away" that made us feel even more sadder she died at the age of 87 she was also known as the dinosaur lady. If you want to find out information about Joan Wiffen make sure you click onto Joan Wiffen's name and if you want information about Hamish Campbell click on to either of his name and  you could click on Fiordland to find out about the earthquake.Thank you to Te Papa,Diana-grace and Hamish Campbell for that interview we hope you can conference with us again.Oh do you know what a seismometer is, it is a machine that records the earthquake here is a seismometer that I made with my friends Selena and Ala.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LRRH (Little Red Riding Hood)

Last week in extension we had to do a animation about Little Red Riding it was the coolest computer work I have ever done this year I was excited. Then Mrs Tele'a told us to get in groups in my group was Ala,Selena and Blessing we had to break up the part in little red riding hood so we could make it easier for us. Then we had to choose who was going to draw what in my group we decided that in the first part that Ala will draw little red riding, Selena will draw the mother,Blessing will draw the basket and the sandbox and I had to draw the background. After that we got straight on to the second part on the second part Ala had to draw the background, Blessing had to draw the wolf and I had to draw the grandma's  cottage.When we finished we had to do the  but on the Third part my group was a bit sad because we didn't get to finish it but unless we got to finish the other part's. Well that's all I have time for thank you for coming on to my blog I hope you you visit me again. Oh one more thing if you want to find out how our movie went check it out on Wednesday Triangle TV 5.45 pm.thank you oh and if you want to tell me what your favourite fairytale is story leave a comment and tell me about it.Thank you for the photo 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

King of pop

Michael Jackson The king of Pop He was born in 1958 and died in 2009 he was a really special celebrity to all of us he had six brothers and only four of them were in the Jackson 5 the Brothers names are Jackie,Jermaine,Tito,Brandon,Marlon And Randy he also had three sister Rubie,La Tonya and Janet. Michael was the youngest one in the Jackson Five he was also the leader of the Jackson group he was the best celebrity in the whole wide world. One morning when I turned on the T.V I saw Michael Jackson's Funeral I was crying I never thought it was true but there it was Michael Jackson's Funeral. When his brothers and sister's said there speech I felt a bit happy because they said nice things about him They said he was always happy and that he will always stand up for himself. My favourite songs that Michael Jackson has sang is Heal the world,We a the world,Man in the mirror and Thriller he has millions of songs but these are my favourite songs. Michael Jackson's favourite song was smile and I think his favourite colour was Red and Black I was excited when it said Red and Black was his favourite colour because our school uniform colour is Red and Black. Michael Jackson will always be remembered by his music and his music will live forever. Well that's all I have time for if you want more information go on to the internet and goggle Michael Jackson.Good Bye Michael Jackson we all love you .Thank You very much for the photo I really appreciate it

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Topic about Allosaurus

Allosaurus means different lizard and it was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs in the late Jurassic period. Allosaurus was about 12 meters tall (39 feet)and weighed 2-5 tons . It was a lizard hipped dinosaur and was closely related to Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

Body Part
Allosaurus had really short arms with curved and pointy claws that were about 15 centimeter long. It had two powerful legs at the back. It had strong legs because it had to be fast in order to. They needed their powerful legs to catch their prey. They had big jaws to carry and hold on to their prey.Allosaurus had sharp pointy teeth that looked like a sharp knifes. Each tooth was about 10 centimeters (4inches) long. When it chews the meats its head moves from side to side. It tosses it head to help it chew.If it teeth break off it would grow new ones.

Allosaurus lived in the United State Of America. It lived in Wymong USA paleontologist know this because in 1879 they found Allosaurus fossil in North America. They also lived dessert and Forest.

Paleontologist believe that their a lot of theories about how Dinosaurs became extinct but the most populist theory that I know is that a meteorite crashed on to the coast of mexico and that the dust was so big that it covered the whole sun and all the living thinngs had wiped out so that the theory that I know about how dinosaurs became extinct.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

About my lovely grandparents

Talofa lava and welcome today I am going to tell you about my precious grand parent they are really special to me my grand parents names a Mele,Sisavaii,Nagaseu and Faleao. First I am going to tell you about my grandma Mele she is my only grandma I have left she is a loving grandma to me . Everyday after school I always walk to her house on Kawiti Ave sometimes when she is alone I always sleep over her house she is the coolest grandma ever.
Now I am going to tell you about my other Grandma her name is Sisavaii she past away before me and my sister were borned so I didn't get to meet her but I do know that she was a nurse oh and guess what I am named after her my name is Sisavaii as well.I hope when I past Away I will get to meet her up in heaven well that's it talking about my grandmothers now it's my grandfathers turn.first I am going to talk about my grandpa Faleao he is still alive as well. He is my grandma Mele's husband he is a cool grandpa because when my Nana wants taro he would go and buy it he was the one that had to buy the food because my Nana couldn't drive well my grandpa and grandma had five children and nineteen grandchildren he is the most coolest grandpa ever.
last but not least is my grandpa Nagaseu he also past away but................. I got to meet him before he had past away. when he past away I was only five and I just started school at Pt England he is a really cool grandpa because he would always pick me up after school and take me home with my sister and my auntie and uncle. Him and my grandma Sisavaii had six children and twenty four grandchildren I hope you have the same grandparents as I do. well that's all I have time for.
Remember if you didn't have any grandparents you wouldn't be here so run and tell your grandparents thank you for everything you did for me and don't forget to pray to god and say thank you god I love you well don't forget to visit my blog again bye. Oh and one more thing remember to leave me a comment AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENT. YOU CAN EVEN MAKE A POST ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENT SEE YOU LATER BYE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


At church I love learning about God he is the one special person that gave me this day to live he gave me a lovely  spirit. He heels a lot people so does his  his son Jesus. God was the one  that made this beautiful world for us. Come  and join me so we can be a follower of god. I love praying and talking to god  some priest say that the answer to your prayer is in the bible.The bible tells us about the history back when Jesus was Alive. we also learn about the bible in CRE Mrs clark runs ir for us. if you want to find more information don't go on the Internet go and read the bible that would be a fantastic thing to do.don't forget to visit my blog agian Thank You. Thank you very much for this beautiful photo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Immersion Assembly

Arrrrgh Mr Burt runs in to the Hall and smacks Toreka on the back then he runs and smacked Feki on the back and took him to the front, he also went and got Tyler for his Dino burger. He was cracker the cave man he was cracker the cave man because our topic was Dino-MIGHT.

Team one did a movie about extinct dinosaurs and they also said we are not extinct (Yet)

Team twos turn they did a rap of all the names of the dinosaurs.It was Ms Va'afusuaga, Ms Glaze and Mrs She. They were really funny

Then it was Team three's turn. Team three was acting out to be a how to be a Paleontologist they found lot of dinosaur bones I felt excited when they found a big bone it looked humongous.

Then it was team 4 turn they did a movie about them sleeping and dreaming about dinosaurs it was funny that my tummy couldn't stop giggling. They also dreamed about going back to the old times back in the past like millions of years ago

Here comes the e-learning team. Mrs Burt was a Paleontologist and Mrs Tele'a was a plant she looked pretty.

It was the coolest Immersion Assembly ever I felt excited.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Do you Like About Pt England?

KIA Ora and welcome,today I am going to talk about what I like about Pt England School. I like Pt England School because it is a nice, friendly and loving school. Pt England is not like an ordinary school it has a lot of cool activity,trips and lots of other cool things . We have uniforms that are black and red and we have red polo T-shirts and black pants. We also have black shorts.
We also have a loving and caring principal Mr Burt. He has a wife, Mrs Burt, and she looks after our computers - and
don't forget she is a computer expert!
Pt England School is the coolest school I have ever been to.
OH and one more thing, if you want to tell me what you like about Pt England School you can leave me a comment and tell me about it
Thank you for coming on to my blog. Don't forget to visit my blog again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About My Best Friend SELENA

Today I am going to talk about my friend Selena she is a loving and a caring friend she is a Tongan she always plays with me and we  sometimes  argues  with each other.she always says keep going you can do it don't give up I really hope everybody out there has a great friend like I already do remember to not give up on anything well my friends favorite colour is Yellow because it is the colour of the bright sun she is the one and only coolest friend I have ever met if you want to know more about you could on to her blog Thank you very much for coming on to my blog                                  

Monday, May 25, 2009

About My family

Hi Today I am going to talk about my Family First I am going to talk about my Dad my dad's name is Fale he works in North Shore he cook's and makes food for the Aeroplane or for   restaurant's He is a really brave man I love him so much. He is The best Dad in the whole wide world
 My mum's name is Tui she is the coolest mum you will ever want she is the best mother she is really cool because she looks after me when I am sick ,she Care's for me when I cry and she is like the queen of the house. She work's in Onehunga she solves lot of problem's.Whenever I have a netball game she always there I love her really much she is the Best mother in the whole wide world 
Last but not least is my sister Her name is Juanita she is the coolest sister I have  ever had she communicate  with Lot's of other children she is really cool (even though we fight) My sister goes to Edgewater collage which is in pakuranga Her  favourite colour is Green yay GO GREEN 
Well thank you for coming on to my blog I hope you enjoyed looking on to my blog remember there load's of other blogs you could check out  Thank You very much 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


 Talofa lava,bula vanaka,ni hao kia orana, Malo e lelei,aloha and greetings to you all  hi my name is Angela I am a Samoan I am a year five at  Pt England Primary School In my Family is my mum , dad and my oldest sister we live   in otara which is in the south of Auckland New Zealand. My Favourite   colour is green because it reminds me of the new beginnings and the colour of bright spring. My most favourite  thing to in the weeks is going to church because I love learning about God and the Holy Bible  I go to Panmure Methodist church in panmure 
New Zealand is the coolest country I have ever been to Hi my name is Angela I am a Samoan and I live in  Auckland New Zealand I am also a year 5 at Pt England primary.  Our capital city is Wellington,  Our Prime Minister is John Key even though I like Helen Clark a bit more better . It is really sad to hear that Helen Clark has retired to go to America.John Key actually comes from National which won the vote in 2008 and now  is the prime Minister for 2009. I am really lucky  to be a kiwi because it is a lovable and caring country. I HOPE LABOUR WINS THeNEXT VOTE.Thank you for the photo of Helen clark


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pitch black slide

Help' Help' I shout I am falling
Yay ow ow that was sore 
Drowning when I was speeding the slide 
Rushing through the slide to go first again 
Oohhh i'm scared help me 
Slimy, slippery like a peguin swimming down the pitch black hole
Looking for the light to see where I was going 
I was bumbing and twirling on to the big circle walls 
Don't know how to stop screaming
Everyone was yelling like monkeys

Thursday, April 2, 2009

About Extension

Hi my name is Angela In Extension our theme is about food. The first thing we did was a survey. The Food Pyramid told me what were healthy and what was not all our favourite food were in the Fatty area.
When we finished the survey we looked at the food pyramid it was really cool.
Our next step was to choose our restaurant or food places I choose Burger King.
Then we had to look on Google to find information so we could put it on Google Earth.
Google Earth is a place where you can look at other countries.
We had to look for the capital city of the country that the food place came from our one was Berlin, Germany. We also had to look for the street and the street number because Google Earth won't understand if you only put the country on by itself. The food pyramid helped me with this because I now know that my local food place was in the fatty section or the treat section.

Then we will all make a mihi. A mihi is something to do about introducing yourself. You will have to draw a picture of yourself and put four other things that are important to you. In R.O.W. we also do lots of recipes. We did appetizers, Rice, Bananas, and Potatoes and it was really cool.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Garage Band

Yesterday at extension we had Mr Jacobson as teacher he told us that we have to open up Garage band I felt excited When I went to the computer I felt scared The First thing we had to do was to get drum kit then we had to open up the musical typing  

Thank you for coming on to my blog I will come back and finish it next time

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Food pyramid

On Tuesday the 3rd of March the year five and six extension group had to do a presentation  about which column  got the most there was fatty,alright and HEALTHY  the most were fatty's
because  everyone choose treat's  everybody liked burger king the Second were KFC when we finished we had to present it. When the first people presented it a really good they used lot of verbs. But I liked Joshua's and Cruz's presentation because they used lot of verbs and adjective   

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Statistics game

Last week on Thursday we had a hockey game in the Hall so we could learn our statistics maths .The aim of the game was to hit the ball in and out of the cones until the end.I smashed the ball into the cones but I still made it I got 43 seconds on my second turn I got 37 seconds but on my last I got 33 seconds I was expended I was really happy. When my partner Selena played She said she was tired and hot like a pink pig but she still went but this time she went slowly like a turtle but a little faster. When she got half way the crowd were cheering and laughing like monkeys from the jungle.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Orewa Beach

In the holidays I went to a beach called Orewa . It is an hour away from Auckland I was really
tired. When I got there I ran to the beach. When I ran onto the sand there were crabs and baby eels. When I saw crab it bit me on my toes. I was going to scream like I was going to explode into a hundred pieces. When a massive wave was coming I got on my surf board as fast as I could but I missed it. When I got on my surf board I was exhausted to the max. After I had a surf I lay down on the soft sand with my cousin his name was Joseph. After I had a lie on the sand I had to go and eat.
I felt really happy when my mum took me to the beach

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Room 15 from Ms Squires

Hi Angela, welcome to Room 15 and your new blog. This is your own place to share your stories, poems and thoughts about different topics. You will be able to also post any podcasts or videos you make and any of your e-learning tasks you complete throughout the year. Don't forget to let all your family know so they can see what you have been up to and can leave you comments.
Happy Blogging!!