Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My favourite Netball player

Hello,as you can see I am going to tell you who my favourite Netball player is well my favourite Netball player is Maria Tutaia I like her because she has a lot of skills and that she moves the ball very fast so that they called a score. The Silver Ferns last game against Australia was pretty tight because the scores were 33 to New Zealand and 36 to Australia so that why I thought it was pretty tight. Well back to Maria Tutaia and guess what the weirdest thing is that she is a Samoan as well. When I saw her play she played really well,she played so well that I thought that she got the most shoots in the hoop. Now That what you call a Netball player. Well that's all I got time for. Oh and if you want to tell me who your favourite Netball player is than please leave me a comment and tell me who it is even if it is a Netball player from another Team it weillbe alright . well. Bye

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