Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pitch black slide

Help' Help' I shout I am falling
Yay ow ow that was sore 
Drowning when I was speeding the slide 
Rushing through the slide to go first again 
Oohhh i'm scared help me 
Slimy, slippery like a peguin swimming down the pitch black hole
Looking for the light to see where I was going 
I was bumbing and twirling on to the big circle walls 
Don't know how to stop screaming
Everyone was yelling like monkeys

Thursday, April 2, 2009

About Extension

Hi my name is Angela In Extension our theme is about food. The first thing we did was a survey. The Food Pyramid told me what were healthy and what was not all our favourite food were in the Fatty area.
When we finished the survey we looked at the food pyramid it was really cool.
Our next step was to choose our restaurant or food places I choose Burger King.
Then we had to look on Google to find information so we could put it on Google Earth.
Google Earth is a place where you can look at other countries.
We had to look for the capital city of the country that the food place came from our one was Berlin, Germany. We also had to look for the street and the street number because Google Earth won't understand if you only put the country on by itself. The food pyramid helped me with this because I now know that my local food place was in the fatty section or the treat section.

Then we will all make a mihi. A mihi is something to do about introducing yourself. You will have to draw a picture of yourself and put four other things that are important to you. In R.O.W. we also do lots of recipes. We did appetizers, Rice, Bananas, and Potatoes and it was really cool.