Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tarawera Experience

term the extension group have been working really hard on a movie about Tarawera each person was in a group to work on something for a couple of weeks to tell our school about the Tarawera eruption that unfortunately destroyed our famous pink and white terraces. At bottom of this wonderful movie it is my reflection about the movie Tarawera.

First I am going to tell you what this movie is about This movie was my Contribution I had made in the Tarawera story.
It is about a family that lived in Te Wairoa. This family is called the Hazzard family. The parent are teachers, they teach in their school house which practically means that they live in a school. This family was also in the Tarawera eruption but only one survived.
Do you want to find out? Then watch the movie

My reflection for this term on Tarawera:

I think that I did alright on the Tarawera movie but I don't think it was good enough to hit bang on the Good mark. I think that I need to improve on my scripting skills and also telling my actors to act like they really mean it.

I think the only challenge that I had to face up to was the frustration and getting my actors together because they were too busy filming with the other people. If you think I could have done better on my movie please leave me a comment to tell me some advice
Thank you

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Mystery to solve

Have you ever read a narrative ? Well if you haven't then this is the story for you.This story has one character named Samantha. The setting is in a little town named Mission Bay.

One long lonely night, asthe wind blew the leaves off the trees, Samantha known as Sam walked home from soccer practice. When she got home she checked the mail and surprizenly there were two letters waiting for her. As sheopened the first one she saw that it was from her mum and dad. It had said we are sorry to say that we had to go back to work because it was really busy "ohhh" she sighed. She then opened the next letter it was quite funny because this letter was from someone she didnt know about. As soon as she checked inside , she saw a little paper . She then opened it and it said " You are next". Sam looked a bit worried and so ina blinkof an eye samantha ran inside the house.

"THUMP,THUMP"sam heard as she locked the door. Then it droped dead silent. It was really scary for her. What could it be? Who was it? Sam thought. There it was again 'THUMP,THUMP" she stepped back very cautiosly and hid in her room.

"BANG" as the door slammed open,Sam froze like a statue. Footsteps creeped down to her room. Her bedroom door opened with a squeq , Sam closed her eyes hoping no one would find her.Suddenly someone baged her head with a bat. Sam then fell asleep.

"Crrrrrr" as a man dragged her into a scaryhouse where no one had lived in for a long time.

When he left she silently woke up . She looked around to see if there was any sign of him coming back . "no,no sign of him" she wispered. Surprizenly she saw a window on the other side
of the room

As she walked slowly to the window she also saw a phone that worked and so Sam stopped and wodered What should I do? Should I ring the cops or escape? At the end she choose to to ring the cops and the cops came straight down. As they took him to jail he said "I'll be back"

Breaking news there has been a breakout at the Glen Innes jail his name is Camron Mason and here is his photo " Oh No ! Thats the man who kinapped me" she screamed. She then day dreamed " I'll be back "
I wonder who will be next...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Greetings I say to Visitors

Nearly every week we have at least one presentation that we do to visitors.
There are eight people in our crew which are Selena H, Ala T, Seini-mino P, Toreka T, Erene T, Mubasshira M, Aidan H nd Me If you would like to hear what I say here it is

Nau Mai Piki Mai haere Mai
ki te kura o Pt England
Tenei te mihi kia koutou
E na manu hiri no ngao au e wha
Ano te ahua reka e te noho tahi
A te Teina me te tuakana
I runga i te whaakaro ko tahi
A te tumanako ka whai hua
E huihuinga o tatou.
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Reflection I will Remember for this year

Last Saturday we were part of a Rock Our World project on Walk our World here are my Reflection

1. What did I do well?

The things I did well was that I did the Mihi really well on family night and that I drew my shoe design good because I went home and did the homework that Mrs Tele'a gave to us which is to plan your shoe and I kind of did the ad alright

2. How could I've improve on what I did ?
I think I could have improved on doing the ad better and communicate with people better.

3.Brick wall,

4. What held you back from doing better?
What held me back was all the frustration that was on my Mind and I didn't think about anybody besides myself

5. Solution
1.Use D'Wayne Edwards three step's to success 1. Believe in yourself 2. Find a mentor 3. Work Hard.
2. To Think Positive things

6. Purpose of why rock our World was made
1.To Communicate with other kids around the world
2. To Help each other and to have fun
3. To make the world a better place
4. Helping kids to have a better life by getting to experience difference things in life
5. To become better people in the future