Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My New School

Hi Everyone it's me Angela,today I will be talking about my new School Pakuranga Intermidiate.
This term has been a very cool term I got to cook a lot of breakfast food at Food tech. MY class is room 14 your class Miss King hahahahaha. My teachers name is Mrs Greenstreet and my Princepal is Mr Myers but I will never forget you Mr Burt.I want to say hi to everyone at Pt England especially Ala,Selena,Toreka,Mubasshira,Sylvia,Seini-mino. I miss you guys so much I wish you came to my school ay. Well I also want to thank all the Teachers especially The teachers I had ( you know who you are I hope hahahahaha). Last but not least my favourite teacher aid Teacher Miss Daisy I mean Miss V. Well everyone it is time for me to go now thanks want again bye. MWAH. <3