Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My adventurists Holiday

"Yayyyy" as I shouted across the house I was so excited when it was my nieces birthday she was turning three years old. Straight after breakfast we hopped into the big van ready to go. Our first stop was at Chipmunks I felt excited as soon as the car stopped when we got inside we ran up the slippery ladder it was slippery because we had to wear socks and man that was hard.

"Weeeeeeeee" as I went down the BIGGEST,HUMONGOUS slide in the whole of Chipmunks it was so big that I thought that I was on Mt Everest (jokes). After I went zooming down Mt Everest I mean The big slide I went running through the Playground. As I was speeding through the playground I felt like I was actually going through a dark spooky fun forest but with of weird looking poles(I am actually talking about the fun slides)

After we finished having fun at chipmunks we went  to my nieces house and waited for the fight of the century which was David Tua and Shane Cameron. As we were waiting for the fight to come we had a big feed we had some scrabbled eggs,soup and rice. Oh if you want to find out more about the David Tua fight then please come back and read my Next post.Bye