Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kiwi. How Cool Are They

Intro: Some birds build nests in tall trees-Kiwis don’t
Many birds can fly in the morning breeze- Kiwis can’t
A bunch of birds have bright and colourful feathers - kiwis certainly don’t have that!

But of all the difference kind of birds, we still think that kiwis are the best!
Kiwis ARE COOL!!

Size:It’s not that they’re all that small. Their average size is about the same length as a rugby ball! The smallest kiwi is spotted smaller than a cat It lives in the WHOLE of New Zealand!

These kiwis can be really BIG!! The biggest one is TWICE as big as a rugby ball.These species live in the north island such as around Mt Ruapehu and the central of Taranaki and Hawkes Bay!

Appearence: And I suppose you wouldn’t exactly call many of them beautiful or even dazziling KIWIS!. Their colour’s a just DULL and there plumage is just plain brown.The feathers aren’t as richly coloured as normal birds. They grow a 20 cm bill on the front of their bodies which looks really ridiculous. Imagine giving them a Hongi, it will really difficult.

Flightless: Many people think Kiwis don’t have wings . But they do! If you look under their dreary sepia plumage, then you’ll find a small pink wing. Their wings are as tiny as our PINKYS! Can you believe that !! Because I can’t.

Also you wouldn’t even BELIEVE what they do with their bills. It’s absolutely AMAZING!
As they crawl out of the bushes they poke there 20 cm bills into the dirt to catch the delicious prey. When they have most of there bills ducked into the dirt they would be able to smell 3 cm below the ground.

And there you have it! How could you possibly resist a fat blubbery, dull coffee- coloured, bill picker and flightless?

If kiwis aren’t cool then I don’t know what is!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Cross Country that will never be forgotton

You will never guess but Mr Burt tricked us. " We are doing the Cross-Country " were his exact words. " Nooooo" I screamed like a baby. Now I don't have time to write my sick letter. Oh, I could pretend I am fasting like Muba. " Nah they won't but that because I am not a Muslim, Arghhhh"

There I was sitting in a full line of 11 year old girls. My heart was pounding like never before because I always came near the end every year.. It was very cold out there. I was also trembling, but I don;t know if it was because I was Cold or because I was nervous.

As Mr Burt slowly made his way to the front, butterflies grew bigger and bigger inside of me. Then he said this " Today is going to be quiet different because the eleven year old will be going first". "WHAT " said. This can not be happening . " Please make your way up" Mr Burt said. " Anything,Anything but Cross-Country" I moaned.

We quietly made it to the starting line ,My heart was pounding. " CLAP"the block went I was running as fast as I could because I did not want to come last. We past the line of trees and my energy drained into the distance. " Please be over , Please be over " I said. But no it wasn't.

Passing the gate, My legs starting aching. I tried to keep on going but the agonizing pain kept shooting trough me. Finally I stopped to catch my breath. My breath was coming out so hard that two people had passed me. Not caring about my breath, I kept on going to pass the two people. My tiring body, felt like it was going to give up, I just couldn't do it . Their was too much pain in me to keep on going.

I was passing the halfway line, I still had a feeling inside of me that I couldn't make it. After a few meters, I was feeling so tired and exhausted. But, Miss King kept on pushing me to do the race and finish it. For her to say that is really encouraging and that is why I kept on going.

A relived feeling had come over me when my eyes had saw the finish line. " YAY " I screamed with joy. I passed the playground with complete happiness. This was my final sprint to the finish line. " Oh my goodness" I said

"It's over" I signed. But I never thought I would make it. " Thank you it over , Thank you I said in a relief and satisfaction.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This term I have been learning about the Titanic. Here is a movie of what I have learned. ENJOY