Thursday, March 25, 2010

C-ccccccamp Kindness



Have you ever been on a camp? When was the first or even last time you have been on camp? It was the day that I was looking forward to. It was Camp Kindness.


It was the moment of truth, We were at Skateland. Was I going to skate? What if I kept on falling down? After a while I decided to take the biggest risk, Which was to have a try at doing it. But after I got the hang of it, I realized that I could actually skate I mean I REALLY COULD SKATE! Here is a movie to show you what we did

The Food:

"MMMMMMM" What a beautiful smell of food. At camp we had the most nicest feed ever. I could even the sense the food from the back of the line. The meal we had on the last night of camp was Hamburgers, Which I thought was so delicious. I hope everyone else thought it was Beautiful.


The first night of camp was freezing cold I felt like I was going to freeze right on the spot. The wind blew very very strong. It was so strong that I had to put two warm jackets. and a extra blanket. I think sleeping in a tent is the worst thing ever. But I still think that it was fun at camp


  1. Talofa lava Angela,

    I really liked the way you described the best things about camp kindness. But I mostly liked the way you expained mostly about you in your cosy bed. Was it that cold? In my tent Naomi and Hossanh always took the blanket off me so I would probably say the samething.

    Well bye for now,

  2. Hi Angela,

    The thing that I loved the most about your post is how you explained that you didn't know how to skate and you were going to take the risk. I think that the food was delicious as well. I really agree with you, I think that the first night at camp was soooo cold. I think that you have a little mistake in your food paragraph.

    Well if you have the time come and visit my blog.

    Bye for now.