Thursday, September 17, 2009

Speaking in my language

Samoa: Talofa lava lo'u ingoa o Angela e sefulu lo'u tausaga.E tolu tagata i lo'u aiga o lo'u tama (Fale),Lo'u tina (Tui) ma lo'u uso (Juanita). Le ingoa o lo'u aoga o Pt England Primary le numera o lo'u faleboku ole sefulu Lima (15). Le meai e fiafia ai a'u ole Talo male fa'i meamata . Fafetai lava. le la olu a'u. Fa

English: Hello my name is Angela I am ten years old. I have three people in my family it my dad (Fale) my mum (Tui) and my sister (Juanita). The name of my school is Pt England Primary the number of my classroom is fifteen. My favourite food is Taro and green Banana. Thank you very much now I have to go. Bye

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My favourite Netball player

Hello,as you can see I am going to tell you who my favourite Netball player is well my favourite Netball player is Maria Tutaia I like her because she has a lot of skills and that she moves the ball very fast so that they called a score. The Silver Ferns last game against Australia was pretty tight because the scores were 33 to New Zealand and 36 to Australia so that why I thought it was pretty tight. Well back to Maria Tutaia and guess what the weirdest thing is that she is a Samoan as well. When I saw her play she played really well,she played so well that I thought that she got the most shoots in the hoop. Now That what you call a Netball player. Well that's all I got time for. Oh and if you want to tell me who your favourite Netball player is than please leave me a comment and tell me who it is even if it is a Netball player from another Team it weillbe alright . well. Bye

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog wordle

Today  in extension we had a amazing time with the best computer expert  Mrs Burt. She told us to go to a website called Wordle.  I was like to myself Wow this sounds like a great website  and when we went on to it I found out this was a great website. It was so cool because we got to create our own wordle and  if you look above my writing you can see one of the examples I made in wordle. If you look closely you would see that the  biggest word is people. The biggest word is people because that's the word I use most of the time. Well that's all I have time for. Oh and if you want to try Wordle you can just click on the wordle that's highlighted in blue and don't forget to leave me a comment about what your wordle turned out like and if your wordle did not work I am really sorry. Bye 

My incredible friend Ala

Hi today I am going to tell you about my incredible friend Ala. You know why she is incredible? because all the classes I have been in since I started she was in that class as well and that why she is so incredible. She is good in lot of things like for example sport,swimming,reading and maths but the most thing I think she is good at the most is cross country and if you want to know how good she is here is a footage and a picture of her I hope you enjoy it. The other incredible thing about her is that she is a caring , loving and a good friend she is also a beautiful looking friend. Well that is all I have time for. Oh and if you want tell me what your incredible friend is then please leave it in your comment.Bye for now.