Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog wordle

Today  in extension we had a amazing time with the best computer expert  Mrs Burt. She told us to go to a website called Wordle.  I was like to myself Wow this sounds like a great website  and when we went on to it I found out this was a great website. It was so cool because we got to create our own wordle and  if you look above my writing you can see one of the examples I made in wordle. If you look closely you would see that the  biggest word is people. The biggest word is people because that's the word I use most of the time. Well that's all I have time for. Oh and if you want to try Wordle you can just click on the wordle that's highlighted in blue and don't forget to leave me a comment about what your wordle turned out like and if your wordle did not work I am really sorry. Bye 

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