Wednesday, July 29, 2009

King of pop

Michael Jackson The king of Pop He was born in 1958 and died in 2009 he was a really special celebrity to all of us he had six brothers and only four of them were in the Jackson 5 the Brothers names are Jackie,Jermaine,Tito,Brandon,Marlon And Randy he also had three sister Rubie,La Tonya and Janet. Michael was the youngest one in the Jackson Five he was also the leader of the Jackson group he was the best celebrity in the whole wide world. One morning when I turned on the T.V I saw Michael Jackson's Funeral I was crying I never thought it was true but there it was Michael Jackson's Funeral. When his brothers and sister's said there speech I felt a bit happy because they said nice things about him They said he was always happy and that he will always stand up for himself. My favourite songs that Michael Jackson has sang is Heal the world,We a the world,Man in the mirror and Thriller he has millions of songs but these are my favourite songs. Michael Jackson's favourite song was smile and I think his favourite colour was Red and Black I was excited when it said Red and Black was his favourite colour because our school uniform colour is Red and Black. Michael Jackson will always be remembered by his music and his music will live forever. Well that's all I have time for if you want more information go on to the internet and goggle Michael Jackson.Good Bye Michael Jackson we all love you .Thank You very much for the photo I really appreciate it

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Topic about Allosaurus

Allosaurus means different lizard and it was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs in the late Jurassic period. Allosaurus was about 12 meters tall (39 feet)and weighed 2-5 tons . It was a lizard hipped dinosaur and was closely related to Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

Body Part
Allosaurus had really short arms with curved and pointy claws that were about 15 centimeter long. It had two powerful legs at the back. It had strong legs because it had to be fast in order to. They needed their powerful legs to catch their prey. They had big jaws to carry and hold on to their prey.Allosaurus had sharp pointy teeth that looked like a sharp knifes. Each tooth was about 10 centimeters (4inches) long. When it chews the meats its head moves from side to side. It tosses it head to help it chew.If it teeth break off it would grow new ones.

Allosaurus lived in the United State Of America. It lived in Wymong USA paleontologist know this because in 1879 they found Allosaurus fossil in North America. They also lived dessert and Forest.

Paleontologist believe that their a lot of theories about how Dinosaurs became extinct but the most populist theory that I know is that a meteorite crashed on to the coast of mexico and that the dust was so big that it covered the whole sun and all the living thinngs had wiped out so that the theory that I know about how dinosaurs became extinct.