Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambassador for Pt England School 2010

In 2010 I have been an ambassador for Pt England School.  My role has been to welcome everyone and introduce eLearning to hundreds of visitors who have come to our school from all over the country and around the world.

This video shows you what I had to say:

This is the transcript of my presentation:

Nau mai, piki mai, haere mai

ki te kura o Pt England

Tenei te mihi ki a koutou

e nga manuhiri no nga hau e wha

Ano te ahua reka o te noho tahi

a te teina me te tuakana

I runga i te whakaaro kotahi

Ko te tumanako ka whai hua

tenei huihuinga o tatou

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

My friends and I are looking forward to sharing with you some of the ways in which we learn.
For people like us who are 10 years old and in Year 6, eLearning is how school happens nowadays. So you are going to hear about some things that are probably quite different from when you went to school!
Actually, I don't want to put you wrong here.... eLearning happens after school for us as well as at school. 
Incase you are wondering what eLearning is, let me explain.  You will know all about LEARNING, but what does the 'e' stand for?.... Well, lots of people say e stands for Electronic because of all the gear we use.  But it's lots more than that. e means we can learn Everywhere in Everyplace. It Enables us to share our ideas and our work with Everyone. And it makes learning Exciting.

Some of the signs my friends held up while I was speaking.

Minister of Housing, Phil Heatley, was one of the people we presented to this year.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

D J Forbes

This term we made a movie about one person from the commonwealth games to talk about here is my movie about DJ Forbes.
Please watch it and ENJOY it

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This year Toreka, Mubasshira and I worked together to film,produce and edit this movie for our 2010 room 17 Pt England Film Festival.
Please watch this movie we made and tell us what you think.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Amazing Little Critter

Do you Know what Centipedes eat?
Don't Know and you want to find out then why don't you check out my lovely movie and see what the answer is.
Good luck

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Sunday "YAY"

On a very bright Sunday morning on the 10Th of October my sister and I got dressed in our white Peas known as a Samoan outfit. It was for white Sunday. With excitement ,I couldn't wait until it was our turn to preform in front of everyone. As more and more excited I began I started jumping up and down.

We had arrived to church and it was 9:30 our church service started at 10:00.
As I walked happily into my church (Panmure Methodist) the Minister had kindly greeted me.
With respect I greeted him back.

The church service had began. I was so excited but as the service went by I was so board it felt like I was watching an old movie. But then it was time to preform, I was so excited I couldn’t wait until it was my part.

As we walked up onto the stage, my tummy was beginning to form some nervous butterflies. The others had already done there part and now it was my turn. I was as scared as a bee getting chased by a bear. A part of me said “I can’t do this it is to difficult “ and another said “ You have to ,you have practised and practised for this event so do not chuck that away”.
So I had done it and it wasn’t that hard at all.

As it turned out well in the end all the kids in our church got a special treat.
We got some snacks like Biscuit,Chips,Ice blocks and drinks it was awesome . With a great feeling I was Happy.

I think I have learnt a lot from this White Sunday. I had a lot of fun on this very day and hope everybody else out there who had White Sunday had the same feeling as me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kiwi. How Cool Are They

Intro: Some birds build nests in tall trees-Kiwis don’t
Many birds can fly in the morning breeze- Kiwis can’t
A bunch of birds have bright and colourful feathers - kiwis certainly don’t have that!

But of all the difference kind of birds, we still think that kiwis are the best!
Kiwis ARE COOL!!

Size:It’s not that they’re all that small. Their average size is about the same length as a rugby ball! The smallest kiwi is spotted smaller than a cat It lives in the WHOLE of New Zealand!

These kiwis can be really BIG!! The biggest one is TWICE as big as a rugby ball.These species live in the north island such as around Mt Ruapehu and the central of Taranaki and Hawkes Bay!

Appearence: And I suppose you wouldn’t exactly call many of them beautiful or even dazziling KIWIS!. Their colour’s a just DULL and there plumage is just plain brown.The feathers aren’t as richly coloured as normal birds. They grow a 20 cm bill on the front of their bodies which looks really ridiculous. Imagine giving them a Hongi, it will really difficult.

Flightless: Many people think Kiwis don’t have wings . But they do! If you look under their dreary sepia plumage, then you’ll find a small pink wing. Their wings are as tiny as our PINKYS! Can you believe that !! Because I can’t.

Also you wouldn’t even BELIEVE what they do with their bills. It’s absolutely AMAZING!
As they crawl out of the bushes they poke there 20 cm bills into the dirt to catch the delicious prey. When they have most of there bills ducked into the dirt they would be able to smell 3 cm below the ground.

And there you have it! How could you possibly resist a fat blubbery, dull coffee- coloured, bill picker and flightless?

If kiwis aren’t cool then I don’t know what is!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Cross Country that will never be forgotton

You will never guess but Mr Burt tricked us. " We are doing the Cross-Country " were his exact words. " Nooooo" I screamed like a baby. Now I don't have time to write my sick letter. Oh, I could pretend I am fasting like Muba. " Nah they won't but that because I am not a Muslim, Arghhhh"

There I was sitting in a full line of 11 year old girls. My heart was pounding like never before because I always came near the end every year.. It was very cold out there. I was also trembling, but I don;t know if it was because I was Cold or because I was nervous.

As Mr Burt slowly made his way to the front, butterflies grew bigger and bigger inside of me. Then he said this " Today is going to be quiet different because the eleven year old will be going first". "WHAT " said. This can not be happening . " Please make your way up" Mr Burt said. " Anything,Anything but Cross-Country" I moaned.

We quietly made it to the starting line ,My heart was pounding. " CLAP"the block went I was running as fast as I could because I did not want to come last. We past the line of trees and my energy drained into the distance. " Please be over , Please be over " I said. But no it wasn't.

Passing the gate, My legs starting aching. I tried to keep on going but the agonizing pain kept shooting trough me. Finally I stopped to catch my breath. My breath was coming out so hard that two people had passed me. Not caring about my breath, I kept on going to pass the two people. My tiring body, felt like it was going to give up, I just couldn't do it . Their was too much pain in me to keep on going.

I was passing the halfway line, I still had a feeling inside of me that I couldn't make it. After a few meters, I was feeling so tired and exhausted. But, Miss King kept on pushing me to do the race and finish it. For her to say that is really encouraging and that is why I kept on going.

A relived feeling had come over me when my eyes had saw the finish line. " YAY " I screamed with joy. I passed the playground with complete happiness. This was my final sprint to the finish line. " Oh my goodness" I said

"It's over" I signed. But I never thought I would make it. " Thank you it over , Thank you I said in a relief and satisfaction.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This term I have been learning about the Titanic. Here is a movie of what I have learned. ENJOY

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mrs Tele'a, Map. I wonder what they have in common...

Last week we (extension group) had to draw Mrs Tele'a. Why! because since we were learning about Mighty Mariners Mrs Tele'a has always wonder how unique these explores were at drawing maps of countries without a satellite or an aircraft. All they had was there brains and I think an ink pen.

So she wanted us to draw her from different angles on the computer to see what it would look like and what we would need to draw her. When we drew her I got straight into it
and made it look like her. I really tried my best and this is what it turned out like. The picture shows my art work and some other peoples as well.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life Education Caravan

On Thursday morning our class room 17 went to the Life Education Caravan.
We had a lot of fun learning about how great we are and that we are one special person.
On Thursday we learned that there is only one of us and that we have to look after our bodies by making wise choices. One of them are to never ever smoke or don't put too much caffine in you. We also got free soap from Lyn our teacher for the day. When we got it we felt so happy but that wasn't the end of it we got a fantastic book it was about the topic we were learning which is It is Great to be Me.
I hope that everyone that went To the Life Educarion Caravan learned something and took away to do.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Settlers coming to New Zealand

Over 1000 years ago people came in canoes from
East Polynesia to inhabbit New Zealand.
They arrived in canoes with either a double
hull and woven sails in the middle or
a single hull with a outrigger.

Trained navigaters sail by canoes to inhabbit
land. As they sail at night there is a sign that
people see to show them where land is.
The sign is a star that is in the sky but as soon
as its day time the sign changes to birds coming
to find food.

Immersion Assembly

On a Monday morning our school had a fantastic immersion assembly we had lots of fun.
As we walked in to hall I could see everyone dressed up . I called see Pirates, Vikings and I even saw Rose from Titanic the movie but she was actually my teacher.
But my favorite person of all Miss Tito . She was dressed up as Jessica Watson the youngest girl ever to sail at sea solo. here is a photo of Miss Tito .

Monday, July 19, 2010

What is our Topic?

This Term we have a spectacular theme it is called...Oh I forgot you have to try and guess. I am going to start by giving you clues about the Topic.

It has got something to do with people exploring other Countries at sea

It has two words and the first one is Mighty

and the very last clue is the word

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A reflection about Tarawera

My reflection for this term on Tarawera:

I think that I did alright on the Tarawera movie but I don't think it was good enough to hit bang on the Good mark. I think that I need to improve on my scripting skills and also telling my actors to act like they really mean it.

I think the only challenge that I had to face up to was the frustration and getting my actors together because they were busy filming with the other people. If you think I could have done better on my movie please leave me a comment to tell me some advice about acting thank you

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tarawera Experience

term the extension group have been working really hard on a movie about Tarawera each person was in a group to work on something for a couple of weeks to tell our school about the Tarawera eruption that unfortunately destroyed our famous pink and white terraces. At bottom of this wonderful movie it is my reflection about the movie Tarawera.

First I am going to tell you what this movie is about This movie was my Contribution I had made in the Tarawera story.
It is about a family that lived in Te Wairoa. This family is called the Hazzard family. The parent are teachers, they teach in their school house which practically means that they live in a school. This family was also in the Tarawera eruption but only one survived.
Do you want to find out? Then watch the movie

My reflection for this term on Tarawera:

I think that I did alright on the Tarawera movie but I don't think it was good enough to hit bang on the Good mark. I think that I need to improve on my scripting skills and also telling my actors to act like they really mean it.

I think the only challenge that I had to face up to was the frustration and getting my actors together because they were too busy filming with the other people. If you think I could have done better on my movie please leave me a comment to tell me some advice
Thank you

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Mystery to solve

Have you ever read a narrative ? Well if you haven't then this is the story for you.This story has one character named Samantha. The setting is in a little town named Mission Bay.

One long lonely night, asthe wind blew the leaves off the trees, Samantha known as Sam walked home from soccer practice. When she got home she checked the mail and surprizenly there were two letters waiting for her. As sheopened the first one she saw that it was from her mum and dad. It had said we are sorry to say that we had to go back to work because it was really busy "ohhh" she sighed. She then opened the next letter it was quite funny because this letter was from someone she didnt know about. As soon as she checked inside , she saw a little paper . She then opened it and it said " You are next". Sam looked a bit worried and so ina blinkof an eye samantha ran inside the house.

"THUMP,THUMP"sam heard as she locked the door. Then it droped dead silent. It was really scary for her. What could it be? Who was it? Sam thought. There it was again 'THUMP,THUMP" she stepped back very cautiosly and hid in her room.

"BANG" as the door slammed open,Sam froze like a statue. Footsteps creeped down to her room. Her bedroom door opened with a squeq , Sam closed her eyes hoping no one would find her.Suddenly someone baged her head with a bat. Sam then fell asleep.

"Crrrrrr" as a man dragged her into a scaryhouse where no one had lived in for a long time.

When he left she silently woke up . She looked around to see if there was any sign of him coming back . "no,no sign of him" she wispered. Surprizenly she saw a window on the other side
of the room

As she walked slowly to the window she also saw a phone that worked and so Sam stopped and wodered What should I do? Should I ring the cops or escape? At the end she choose to to ring the cops and the cops came straight down. As they took him to jail he said "I'll be back"

Breaking news there has been a breakout at the Glen Innes jail his name is Camron Mason and here is his photo " Oh No ! Thats the man who kinapped me" she screamed. She then day dreamed " I'll be back "
I wonder who will be next...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Greetings I say to Visitors

Nearly every week we have at least one presentation that we do to visitors.
There are eight people in our crew which are Selena H, Ala T, Seini-mino P, Toreka T, Erene T, Mubasshira M, Aidan H nd Me If you would like to hear what I say here it is

Nau Mai Piki Mai haere Mai
ki te kura o Pt England
Tenei te mihi kia koutou
E na manu hiri no ngao au e wha
Ano te ahua reka e te noho tahi
A te Teina me te tuakana
I runga i te whaakaro ko tahi
A te tumanako ka whai hua
E huihuinga o tatou.
No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Reflection I will Remember for this year

Last Saturday we were part of a Rock Our World project on Walk our World here are my Reflection

1. What did I do well?

The things I did well was that I did the Mihi really well on family night and that I drew my shoe design good because I went home and did the homework that Mrs Tele'a gave to us which is to plan your shoe and I kind of did the ad alright

2. How could I've improve on what I did ?
I think I could have improved on doing the ad better and communicate with people better.

3.Brick wall,

4. What held you back from doing better?
What held me back was all the frustration that was on my Mind and I didn't think about anybody besides myself

5. Solution
1.Use D'Wayne Edwards three step's to success 1. Believe in yourself 2. Find a mentor 3. Work Hard.
2. To Think Positive things

6. Purpose of why rock our World was made
1.To Communicate with other kids around the world
2. To Help each other and to have fun
3. To make the world a better place
4. Helping kids to have a better life by getting to experience difference things in life
5. To become better people in the future

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Caramel Adventure

Have you ever wondered what hokey pokey and lava have in common Well I do. On the 25th of May we made hokey pokey because Mr Hunia wanted to show us how lava reacts, after it has come out of the volcano.
The Making Of It....

Hmmmm!I could smell the sensational sweet sugar and golden syrup dissolving making a caramel colour . It was like, I was in another dimension in-in candy land! As the sugar and golden syrup bubbled away a froth of white baking soda had been put in making chemical reactions! When he had finished the hokey pokey it was like a viscous liquid.... which is just like lava.

As the frothy foamy Hokey pokey mixture was smothered on the tray, we waited anxiously for it to cool. Once it was hard and brittle it like tough caramel toffee ready to be eaten.

The Tasting Time...

As we ate it, a lump of BAKING SODA had filled my mouth making me run to the bin and spitting it out like I was spewing . I was wondering WHY that had happened, WHY!! I anxiously finished the rest hoping that there would NOT be another dump of baking soda ready to fly into my mouth... and there wasn't. I finally took my last gulp.

At the end of that fantastic day of learning and making I think that it had all worked out ALRIGHT! Nothing had turned out wrong ( only the hokey pokey ) and I think that, that is an end of a GREAT morning!! ( kind of )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Podcasting "Black Water"

"Black Water" by Eve Bunting

This is what the publishers say about the book:
"Thirteen-year-old Brodie Lynch was ready for the perfect summer of adventure along the awesome Blackwater River. That was before everything changed forever. When a harmless prank goes too far, the unthinkable happens. Brodie's lies make him a hero, but inside, his guilt tears at him like the treacherous current of the Blackwater itself, which has become a horrifying reminder of his part in the tragedy. In this gripping new coming-of-age novel, a young boy is faced with a choice between right and wrong and ultimately learns that truth can offer hope in even the darkest moments."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Active Earth Experience

During this term I have been working on a Animation about how a Underwater Volcano is formed. Here is the Animation that I made. This Animation is based on our Topic for this term which is Active Earth I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is your guess?

This term started off with a big bang. Today I am going to tell My three highlight for this term

My First highlight for this term is experimenting the Nike shoe designer D'Wayne Edwards and not only did he talk to us about Nike shoe but he also talked to us about how he succeed in life and what kept him going and how he aimed for his goal. I think that ever since I had a conference with him I think I have decided to choose that if I find a goal for myself I am going to push myself to the limit and achieve my goal. I also think that it was a privilege that he helped us to work hard and I hope that one day you will achieve your goal.

My second highlight is Camp, Camp kindness I think that having camp on the first of term was a fantastic idea and that it helped people and me to communicate together and work hard to lead for your group. I hope that everybody who participated in this camp thought that it was fun,amazing and real cool. If you ever get to go on a camp I hope you have a wonderful time like I did at Camp kindness. Also make sure that you come back home safe and sound.

My very last highlight for this term is learning about the history of New Zealand. What I learned was that in history Europeans swamped money and guns for food and of course drinks . If you ever learn about history I hope you learn a lot about it as well and I also hope that everyone in New Zealand learns a little bit about history in Aotearoa which is New Zealand

My Goal For this year is to listen and do well in exams and to also respect everyone in this school even though they are mean to me.

My guess for next years topic is. "mmmmm" I think it might be about animals or about lizards. What is your guess?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

C-ccccccamp Kindness



Have you ever been on a camp? When was the first or even last time you have been on camp? It was the day that I was looking forward to. It was Camp Kindness.


It was the moment of truth, We were at Skateland. Was I going to skate? What if I kept on falling down? After a while I decided to take the biggest risk, Which was to have a try at doing it. But after I got the hang of it, I realized that I could actually skate I mean I REALLY COULD SKATE! Here is a movie to show you what we did

The Food:

"MMMMMMM" What a beautiful smell of food. At camp we had the most nicest feed ever. I could even the sense the food from the back of the line. The meal we had on the last night of camp was Hamburgers, Which I thought was so delicious. I hope everyone else thought it was Beautiful.


The first night of camp was freezing cold I felt like I was going to freeze right on the spot. The wind blew very very strong. It was so strong that I had to put two warm jackets. and a extra blanket. I think sleeping in a tent is the worst thing ever. But I still think that it was fun at camp

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The D'Wayne Edwards Adventure

.When we had a conference with D'Wayne Edwards I thought that we were so lucky and that we could actually learn important things. D'Wayne Edwards was a lead shoe Design. Been a Shoe Designer for him is a dream come true and he said to us is that his gift was a pencil.

He also had his own school where they taught only about Shoes. His school is called Pensole. which is in America. He taught a lot of people about his life and how he become interested into been a shoe designer.

During The Conference we got to have a video conference with him and her is a movie to show you proof that we did actually talked to him. In his heart he believes in only three things which is number 1 Believe in yourself 2 Find a mentor 3 Work Hard I think that is beautiful.

The Signing of the Treaty

In the year of 1840 6th of febuary the maori and european people signed the treaty the called it The Treaty of waitangi. If you watch this movie you find out who was the very first person who signed the Treaty .

How Maori used to live?

A man showed Captain Cook around and took him to a very important meeting where they sorted out there living arrangements.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Camp Kindness

"Yayy" I said. I was having the best day of my Life! Do you want to know why I had the best day of my life? Because it was the one and only CAMP KINDNESS. I screamed as loud as I could in my mind because guess what we did? Cooking, Kayaking and Orienteering.
I think my favourite activity was Kayaking because it was the funnest thing ever. We could Kayak anywhere but the Teacher's had to be able to see us . When I was Paddling my canoe tipped into the water and that was embarrassing - but it was still very great fun.

The most difficult one was the orienteering because we didn't know where we were going because we always ended up in the same place we were at the beginning! So that was actually confusing. The answer to this one was "OK THEN, IS IT KIND? IS IT TRUE? IS IT NECESSARY?"

Now Cooking was "Mmmmmm"! Amazing - it was like a dream because it was COOKING did you hear me? Cooking! We were cooking the most nicest thing ever. Dampers... Dampers is a another way of saying bread. We also cooked s'mores which go like this: biscuit at the bottom, mashmellow in the middle and another biscuit at the top. Now do you think that is nice?.

Now, that is what you call the first day of camp! Well is it to you?
Tell me what you think and I hope you say yes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Most coolest day of my Life

"Woo Hoo" I shouted as I felt so excited because we were about to talk to the most famous Nike shoe designer The one and only D'Wayne Edwards.

D'Wayne Edward has Design lot of shoes for lot of people but the one person he design his shoes for is the famous Basket ball Player Michael Jordan. Did you hear me he designed a shoe for Michael Jordan that so cool I wish I was D'wayne or even Michael Jordan. They are both lucky people.

I think that the D'Wayne Conference was a experience for me because I learned a lot from it I even found out that he Designed the Air Jordan two. I hope I get to meet him in real Life.

If you would like to see how the conference went here is a Video to show you. I hope you Enjoy It

Friday, March 5, 2010

Van Gogh

"yayy" i said as I heard that we were going to do painting about Van Gogh . He is a very famous painter. His painting weren't like a picture his painting were about his feeling and how he felt when he is making the painting. This picture that I am Painting is a painting that is very very famous this painting is called The sunflower. After he died his painter were very expensive. If you want to know how he died let me tell you . He died through suicide so that meant he chose to die. when he was walking he decided to shot himself in front of a church. When he went to the Hospital the doctor couldn't save him so two days after his suicide he had died.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A life time privilege

A very terrifying moment, I was standing in front of a big crowd I thought I was going to faint right there right on the spot. On Monday we did our very first presentation in front beautiful Americans. As soon as I started my script my nervous came in to my mind I felt really nervous and excited at the same time weird. But as soon as our presentation I felt banging my knees on to the ground but our beautiful boss told us as soon as we finish we had to walk very quietly back to class it was so hard to do

I think that I have learn how to speak clearly and to not feel nervous and Afraid of the crowd .

I think that choosing to be a presenter was a fabulous Idea because it is a funny way to meet people. Thank you for reading my post I hope To visit your blog if you leave your footprint behind