Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Sunday "YAY"

On a very bright Sunday morning on the 10Th of October my sister and I got dressed in our white Peas known as a Samoan outfit. It was for white Sunday. With excitement ,I couldn't wait until it was our turn to preform in front of everyone. As more and more excited I began I started jumping up and down.

We had arrived to church and it was 9:30 our church service started at 10:00.
As I walked happily into my church (Panmure Methodist) the Minister had kindly greeted me.
With respect I greeted him back.

The church service had began. I was so excited but as the service went by I was so board it felt like I was watching an old movie. But then it was time to preform, I was so excited I couldn’t wait until it was my part.

As we walked up onto the stage, my tummy was beginning to form some nervous butterflies. The others had already done there part and now it was my turn. I was as scared as a bee getting chased by a bear. A part of me said “I can’t do this it is to difficult “ and another said “ You have to ,you have practised and practised for this event so do not chuck that away”.
So I had done it and it wasn’t that hard at all.

As it turned out well in the end all the kids in our church got a special treat.
We got some snacks like Biscuit,Chips,Ice blocks and drinks it was awesome . With a great feeling I was Happy.

I think I have learnt a lot from this White Sunday. I had a lot of fun on this very day and hope everybody else out there who had White Sunday had the same feeling as me.

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  1. Hey Angela,

    This post was very interesting. I really like how you begin each paragraph because they have varied beginnings. My favourite paragraph was the first because it explained what the occasion was and how you felt about it.

    I also think that you could improve the first paragraph by fixing a spelling mistake on " Preform" to " Perform" also, I think you could make the first paragraph better by making sure it makes sense.

    If you have any time come onto my blog, and write a comment.


    From Selena.