Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life Education Caravan

On Thursday morning our class room 17 went to the Life Education Caravan.
We had a lot of fun learning about how great we are and that we are one special person.
On Thursday we learned that there is only one of us and that we have to look after our bodies by making wise choices. One of them are to never ever smoke or don't put too much caffine in you. We also got free soap from Lyn our teacher for the day. When we got it we felt so happy but that wasn't the end of it we got a fantastic book it was about the topic we were learning which is It is Great to be Me.
I hope that everyone that went To the Life Educarion Caravan learned something and took away to do.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Settlers coming to New Zealand

Over 1000 years ago people came in canoes from
East Polynesia to inhabbit New Zealand.
They arrived in canoes with either a double
hull and woven sails in the middle or
a single hull with a outrigger.

Trained navigaters sail by canoes to inhabbit
land. As they sail at night there is a sign that
people see to show them where land is.
The sign is a star that is in the sky but as soon
as its day time the sign changes to birds coming
to find food.

Immersion Assembly

On a Monday morning our school had a fantastic immersion assembly we had lots of fun.
As we walked in to hall I could see everyone dressed up . I called see Pirates, Vikings and I even saw Rose from Titanic the movie but she was actually my teacher.
But my favorite person of all Miss Tito . She was dressed up as Jessica Watson the youngest girl ever to sail at sea solo. here is a photo of Miss Tito .

Monday, July 19, 2010

What is our Topic?

This Term we have a spectacular theme it is called...Oh I forgot you have to try and guess. I am going to start by giving you clues about the Topic.

It has got something to do with people exploring other Countries at sea

It has two words and the first one is Mighty

and the very last clue is the word

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A reflection about Tarawera

My reflection for this term on Tarawera:

I think that I did alright on the Tarawera movie but I don't think it was good enough to hit bang on the Good mark. I think that I need to improve on my scripting skills and also telling my actors to act like they really mean it.

I think the only challenge that I had to face up to was the frustration and getting my actors together because they were busy filming with the other people. If you think I could have done better on my movie please leave me a comment to tell me some advice about acting thank you