Thursday, July 1, 2010

A reflection about Tarawera

My reflection for this term on Tarawera:

I think that I did alright on the Tarawera movie but I don't think it was good enough to hit bang on the Good mark. I think that I need to improve on my scripting skills and also telling my actors to act like they really mean it.

I think the only challenge that I had to face up to was the frustration and getting my actors together because they were busy filming with the other people. If you think I could have done better on my movie please leave me a comment to tell me some advice about acting thank you

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  1. Talofa Angela, I really liked your post about ' A Reflection about TArawera ' It was a really great post.. Well done! My favourite paragraph was probably your second one because it tells us, your audience what the challenge that you had to face up too. Well Done!! If you would like to read some of my posts then just click on my name or type in this : and read some of my posts.

    Yours Truly, Ala