Saturday, June 27, 2009

About my lovely grandparents

Talofa lava and welcome today I am going to tell you about my precious grand parent they are really special to me my grand parents names a Mele,Sisavaii,Nagaseu and Faleao. First I am going to tell you about my grandma Mele she is my only grandma I have left she is a loving grandma to me . Everyday after school I always walk to her house on Kawiti Ave sometimes when she is alone I always sleep over her house she is the coolest grandma ever.
Now I am going to tell you about my other Grandma her name is Sisavaii she past away before me and my sister were borned so I didn't get to meet her but I do know that she was a nurse oh and guess what I am named after her my name is Sisavaii as well.I hope when I past Away I will get to meet her up in heaven well that's it talking about my grandmothers now it's my grandfathers turn.first I am going to talk about my grandpa Faleao he is still alive as well. He is my grandma Mele's husband he is a cool grandpa because when my Nana wants taro he would go and buy it he was the one that had to buy the food because my Nana couldn't drive well my grandpa and grandma had five children and nineteen grandchildren he is the most coolest grandpa ever.
last but not least is my grandpa Nagaseu he also past away but................. I got to meet him before he had past away. when he past away I was only five and I just started school at Pt England he is a really cool grandpa because he would always pick me up after school and take me home with my sister and my auntie and uncle. Him and my grandma Sisavaii had six children and twenty four grandchildren I hope you have the same grandparents as I do. well that's all I have time for.
Remember if you didn't have any grandparents you wouldn't be here so run and tell your grandparents thank you for everything you did for me and don't forget to pray to god and say thank you god I love you well don't forget to visit my blog again bye. Oh and one more thing remember to leave me a comment AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENT. YOU CAN EVEN MAKE A POST ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENT SEE YOU LATER BYE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


At church I love learning about God he is the one special person that gave me this day to live he gave me a lovely  spirit. He heels a lot people so does his  his son Jesus. God was the one  that made this beautiful world for us. Come  and join me so we can be a follower of god. I love praying and talking to god  some priest say that the answer to your prayer is in the bible.The bible tells us about the history back when Jesus was Alive. we also learn about the bible in CRE Mrs clark runs ir for us. if you want to find more information don't go on the Internet go and read the bible that would be a fantastic thing to do.don't forget to visit my blog agian Thank You. Thank you very much for this beautiful photo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Immersion Assembly

Arrrrgh Mr Burt runs in to the Hall and smacks Toreka on the back then he runs and smacked Feki on the back and took him to the front, he also went and got Tyler for his Dino burger. He was cracker the cave man he was cracker the cave man because our topic was Dino-MIGHT.

Team one did a movie about extinct dinosaurs and they also said we are not extinct (Yet)

Team twos turn they did a rap of all the names of the dinosaurs.It was Ms Va'afusuaga, Ms Glaze and Mrs She. They were really funny

Then it was Team three's turn. Team three was acting out to be a how to be a Paleontologist they found lot of dinosaur bones I felt excited when they found a big bone it looked humongous.

Then it was team 4 turn they did a movie about them sleeping and dreaming about dinosaurs it was funny that my tummy couldn't stop giggling. They also dreamed about going back to the old times back in the past like millions of years ago

Here comes the e-learning team. Mrs Burt was a Paleontologist and Mrs Tele'a was a plant she looked pretty.

It was the coolest Immersion Assembly ever I felt excited.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Do you Like About Pt England?

KIA Ora and welcome,today I am going to talk about what I like about Pt England School. I like Pt England School because it is a nice, friendly and loving school. Pt England is not like an ordinary school it has a lot of cool activity,trips and lots of other cool things . We have uniforms that are black and red and we have red polo T-shirts and black pants. We also have black shorts.
We also have a loving and caring principal Mr Burt. He has a wife, Mrs Burt, and she looks after our computers - and
don't forget she is a computer expert!
Pt England School is the coolest school I have ever been to.
OH and one more thing, if you want to tell me what you like about Pt England School you can leave me a comment and tell me about it
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