Saturday, June 27, 2009

About my lovely grandparents

Talofa lava and welcome today I am going to tell you about my precious grand parent they are really special to me my grand parents names a Mele,Sisavaii,Nagaseu and Faleao. First I am going to tell you about my grandma Mele she is my only grandma I have left she is a loving grandma to me . Everyday after school I always walk to her house on Kawiti Ave sometimes when she is alone I always sleep over her house she is the coolest grandma ever.
Now I am going to tell you about my other Grandma her name is Sisavaii she past away before me and my sister were borned so I didn't get to meet her but I do know that she was a nurse oh and guess what I am named after her my name is Sisavaii as well.I hope when I past Away I will get to meet her up in heaven well that's it talking about my grandmothers now it's my grandfathers turn.first I am going to talk about my grandpa Faleao he is still alive as well. He is my grandma Mele's husband he is a cool grandpa because when my Nana wants taro he would go and buy it he was the one that had to buy the food because my Nana couldn't drive well my grandpa and grandma had five children and nineteen grandchildren he is the most coolest grandpa ever.
last but not least is my grandpa Nagaseu he also past away but................. I got to meet him before he had past away. when he past away I was only five and I just started school at Pt England he is a really cool grandpa because he would always pick me up after school and take me home with my sister and my auntie and uncle. Him and my grandma Sisavaii had six children and twenty four grandchildren I hope you have the same grandparents as I do. well that's all I have time for.
Remember if you didn't have any grandparents you wouldn't be here so run and tell your grandparents thank you for everything you did for me and don't forget to pray to god and say thank you god I love you well don't forget to visit my blog again bye. Oh and one more thing remember to leave me a comment AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENT. YOU CAN EVEN MAKE A POST ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENT SEE YOU LATER BYE.


  1. Talofa Angela, manaia tele le tala ua e tusia. I enjoyed reading your post today, I love the topic you have picked - Grandparents! Yes you are so right about them being special. I got to meet and spend time with all my grandparents. It was with my mother's parents that I spent a lot of time with. I LOVE my grandparents VERY MUCH! So when I saw your blog on grandparents I just had to read it. I know as a child my own parents were always busy working and this meant we were with my grandparents most of the time. They taught us so many valuable things that helped us then and still today. All my grandparents have passed on but their memories I cherish and hold fast to.

    I have no doubt that you could do another post which shares all the wonderful things your grandparents have taught you.
    Thanks for sharing about your grandparents Angela.
    Malo lava, ia foa'i e le Atua nisi aso e tele tou te mafuta ai ma lou Nana.
    Alofa tele - Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Angela,
    I really like how you have written about your grandparents and how they are so special to you. I have still got 1 grandmother who lives a long way away and who is in her 90's. It made me think about her as I was reading what you wrote.
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way I am looking forward to seeing your dinosaur project on your blog.
    Ms Squires

  3. Thank you Ms Squires for leaving me a comment I really liked how you explainded your family side I hope your grandma gets better if she is sick and Thank you once again Bye