Monday, June 15, 2009

Immersion Assembly

Arrrrgh Mr Burt runs in to the Hall and smacks Toreka on the back then he runs and smacked Feki on the back and took him to the front, he also went and got Tyler for his Dino burger. He was cracker the cave man he was cracker the cave man because our topic was Dino-MIGHT.

Team one did a movie about extinct dinosaurs and they also said we are not extinct (Yet)

Team twos turn they did a rap of all the names of the dinosaurs.It was Ms Va'afusuaga, Ms Glaze and Mrs She. They were really funny

Then it was Team three's turn. Team three was acting out to be a how to be a Paleontologist they found lot of dinosaur bones I felt excited when they found a big bone it looked humongous.

Then it was team 4 turn they did a movie about them sleeping and dreaming about dinosaurs it was funny that my tummy couldn't stop giggling. They also dreamed about going back to the old times back in the past like millions of years ago

Here comes the e-learning team. Mrs Burt was a Paleontologist and Mrs Tele'a was a plant she looked pretty.

It was the coolest Immersion Assembly ever I felt excited.

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