Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is your guess?

This term started off with a big bang. Today I am going to tell My three highlight for this term

My First highlight for this term is experimenting the Nike shoe designer D'Wayne Edwards and not only did he talk to us about Nike shoe but he also talked to us about how he succeed in life and what kept him going and how he aimed for his goal. I think that ever since I had a conference with him I think I have decided to choose that if I find a goal for myself I am going to push myself to the limit and achieve my goal. I also think that it was a privilege that he helped us to work hard and I hope that one day you will achieve your goal.

My second highlight is Camp, Camp kindness I think that having camp on the first of term was a fantastic idea and that it helped people and me to communicate together and work hard to lead for your group. I hope that everybody who participated in this camp thought that it was fun,amazing and real cool. If you ever get to go on a camp I hope you have a wonderful time like I did at Camp kindness. Also make sure that you come back home safe and sound.

My very last highlight for this term is learning about the history of New Zealand. What I learned was that in history Europeans swamped money and guns for food and of course drinks . If you ever learn about history I hope you learn a lot about it as well and I also hope that everyone in New Zealand learns a little bit about history in Aotearoa which is New Zealand

My Goal For this year is to listen and do well in exams and to also respect everyone in this school even though they are mean to me.

My guess for next years topic is. "mmmmm" I think it might be about animals or about lizards. What is your guess?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

C-ccccccamp Kindness



Have you ever been on a camp? When was the first or even last time you have been on camp? It was the day that I was looking forward to. It was Camp Kindness.


It was the moment of truth, We were at Skateland. Was I going to skate? What if I kept on falling down? After a while I decided to take the biggest risk, Which was to have a try at doing it. But after I got the hang of it, I realized that I could actually skate I mean I REALLY COULD SKATE! Here is a movie to show you what we did

The Food:

"MMMMMMM" What a beautiful smell of food. At camp we had the most nicest feed ever. I could even the sense the food from the back of the line. The meal we had on the last night of camp was Hamburgers, Which I thought was so delicious. I hope everyone else thought it was Beautiful.


The first night of camp was freezing cold I felt like I was going to freeze right on the spot. The wind blew very very strong. It was so strong that I had to put two warm jackets. and a extra blanket. I think sleeping in a tent is the worst thing ever. But I still think that it was fun at camp

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The D'Wayne Edwards Adventure

.When we had a conference with D'Wayne Edwards I thought that we were so lucky and that we could actually learn important things. D'Wayne Edwards was a lead shoe Design. Been a Shoe Designer for him is a dream come true and he said to us is that his gift was a pencil.

He also had his own school where they taught only about Shoes. His school is called Pensole. which is in America. He taught a lot of people about his life and how he become interested into been a shoe designer.

During The Conference we got to have a video conference with him and her is a movie to show you proof that we did actually talked to him. In his heart he believes in only three things which is number 1 Believe in yourself 2 Find a mentor 3 Work Hard I think that is beautiful.

The Signing of the Treaty

In the year of 1840 6th of febuary the maori and european people signed the treaty the called it The Treaty of waitangi. If you watch this movie you find out who was the very first person who signed the Treaty .

How Maori used to live?

A man showed Captain Cook around and took him to a very important meeting where they sorted out there living arrangements.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Camp Kindness

"Yayy" I said. I was having the best day of my Life! Do you want to know why I had the best day of my life? Because it was the one and only CAMP KINDNESS. I screamed as loud as I could in my mind because guess what we did? Cooking, Kayaking and Orienteering.
I think my favourite activity was Kayaking because it was the funnest thing ever. We could Kayak anywhere but the Teacher's had to be able to see us . When I was Paddling my canoe tipped into the water and that was embarrassing - but it was still very great fun.

The most difficult one was the orienteering because we didn't know where we were going because we always ended up in the same place we were at the beginning! So that was actually confusing. The answer to this one was "OK THEN, IS IT KIND? IS IT TRUE? IS IT NECESSARY?"

Now Cooking was "Mmmmmm"! Amazing - it was like a dream because it was COOKING did you hear me? Cooking! We were cooking the most nicest thing ever. Dampers... Dampers is a another way of saying bread. We also cooked s'mores which go like this: biscuit at the bottom, mashmellow in the middle and another biscuit at the top. Now do you think that is nice?.

Now, that is what you call the first day of camp! Well is it to you?
Tell me what you think and I hope you say yes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Most coolest day of my Life

"Woo Hoo" I shouted as I felt so excited because we were about to talk to the most famous Nike shoe designer The one and only D'Wayne Edwards.

D'Wayne Edward has Design lot of shoes for lot of people but the one person he design his shoes for is the famous Basket ball Player Michael Jordan. Did you hear me he designed a shoe for Michael Jordan that so cool I wish I was D'wayne or even Michael Jordan. They are both lucky people.

I think that the D'Wayne Conference was a experience for me because I learned a lot from it I even found out that he Designed the Air Jordan two. I hope I get to meet him in real Life.

If you would like to see how the conference went here is a Video to show you. I hope you Enjoy It

Friday, March 5, 2010

Van Gogh

"yayy" i said as I heard that we were going to do painting about Van Gogh . He is a very famous painter. His painting weren't like a picture his painting were about his feeling and how he felt when he is making the painting. This picture that I am Painting is a painting that is very very famous this painting is called The sunflower. After he died his painter were very expensive. If you want to know how he died let me tell you . He died through suicide so that meant he chose to die. when he was walking he decided to shot himself in front of a church. When he went to the Hospital the doctor couldn't save him so two days after his suicide he had died.