Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is your guess?

This term started off with a big bang. Today I am going to tell My three highlight for this term

My First highlight for this term is experimenting the Nike shoe designer D'Wayne Edwards and not only did he talk to us about Nike shoe but he also talked to us about how he succeed in life and what kept him going and how he aimed for his goal. I think that ever since I had a conference with him I think I have decided to choose that if I find a goal for myself I am going to push myself to the limit and achieve my goal. I also think that it was a privilege that he helped us to work hard and I hope that one day you will achieve your goal.

My second highlight is Camp, Camp kindness I think that having camp on the first of term was a fantastic idea and that it helped people and me to communicate together and work hard to lead for your group. I hope that everybody who participated in this camp thought that it was fun,amazing and real cool. If you ever get to go on a camp I hope you have a wonderful time like I did at Camp kindness. Also make sure that you come back home safe and sound.

My very last highlight for this term is learning about the history of New Zealand. What I learned was that in history Europeans swamped money and guns for food and of course drinks . If you ever learn about history I hope you learn a lot about it as well and I also hope that everyone in New Zealand learns a little bit about history in Aotearoa which is New Zealand

My Goal For this year is to listen and do well in exams and to also respect everyone in this school even though they are mean to me.

My guess for next years topic is. "mmmmm" I think it might be about animals or about lizards. What is your guess?


  1. Hi Angela
    What a great first term you have had, full of incredibly valuable learning experiences.
    As for Term 2? All I'm saying is be prepared for all that you know to get a big shake up.
    Mr J

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for commenting on the post called what a tragic artist Van Gogh was. Good question. I don't think I would like to become a artist.
    I would really like to be a scientist.

    Back to your post, I did the same second highlight. I think camp was great.

    Well bye for now.

  3. Talofa lava Angela,

    Thank you for leaving comments on my blog! I really liked your post about your three highlights. What a great post. Anyways did you take for long just to write an excited paragraghs. Same my second highlight was also camp!

    Well bye for now!