Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Reflection I will Remember for this year

Last Saturday we were part of a Rock Our World project on Walk our World here are my Reflection

1. What did I do well?

The things I did well was that I did the Mihi really well on family night and that I drew my shoe design good because I went home and did the homework that Mrs Tele'a gave to us which is to plan your shoe and I kind of did the ad alright

2. How could I've improve on what I did ?
I think I could have improved on doing the ad better and communicate with people better.

3.Brick wall,

4. What held you back from doing better?
What held me back was all the frustration that was on my Mind and I didn't think about anybody besides myself

5. Solution
1.Use D'Wayne Edwards three step's to success 1. Believe in yourself 2. Find a mentor 3. Work Hard.
2. To Think Positive things

6. Purpose of why rock our World was made
1.To Communicate with other kids around the world
2. To Help each other and to have fun
3. To make the world a better place
4. Helping kids to have a better life by getting to experience difference things in life
5. To become better people in the future

1 comment:

  1. Well done Angela. It's good to read your understanding of why we take part in ROW - your purpost list! Thanks for always being a willing participant when we VC. You're always happy to jump in any spot we need covered. A very good quality to posses. All the best Angela : )
    Mrs Tele'a