Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Zealand is the coolest country I have ever been to Hi my name is Angela I am a Samoan and I live in  Auckland New Zealand I am also a year 5 at Pt England primary.  Our capital city is Wellington,  Our Prime Minister is John Key even though I like Helen Clark a bit more better . It is really sad to hear that Helen Clark has retired to go to America.John Key actually comes from National which won the vote in 2008 and now  is the prime Minister for 2009. I am really lucky  to be a kiwi because it is a lovable and caring country. I HOPE LABOUR WINS THeNEXT VOTE.Thank you for the photo of Helen clark  http://www.undp.org.mk/datacenter/images/images05/Helen%20Clark%20Portrait%20-%202300x2780%20at%20300DPI.jpg


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