Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About My Best Friend SELENA

Today I am going to talk about my friend Selena she is a loving and a caring friend she is a Tongan she always plays with me and we  sometimes  argues  with each other.she always says keep going you can do it don't give up I really hope everybody out there has a great friend like I already do remember to not give up on anything well my friends favorite colour is Yellow because it is the colour of the bright sun she is the one and only coolest friend I have ever met if you want to know more about you could on to her blog Thank you very much for coming on to my blog                                  


  1. Hi Angela,

    It's your best friend Selena. I love the post that you did about me. It's perfect. I love how you described me as encouraging and I love how you told the truth about how we sometimes used to fight and I'm sure that people around the world do have a friend like me.

    Well that's all I have time for.


  2. Hi Angela,
    We really like the way you described your friend, BUT we don't mean to pry but we think that you have to work on your proof-reading, fullstops and other things too.

    That's all for now but we will visit your blog again

    Ala and Toreka

  3. Hi Angela,

    What a great story Angela about your friend Selena. It is like you and Selena are sisters. You sure seem like sisters. I wish I had a friend that is so caring and loving. You might want to go to my blog someday and see what I am up to. Bye for now.

    Thank you