Monday, May 25, 2009

About My family

Hi Today I am going to talk about my Family First I am going to talk about my Dad my dad's name is Fale he works in North Shore he cook's and makes food for the Aeroplane or for   restaurant's He is a really brave man I love him so much. He is The best Dad in the whole wide world
 My mum's name is Tui she is the coolest mum you will ever want she is the best mother she is really cool because she looks after me when I am sick ,she Care's for me when I cry and she is like the queen of the house. She work's in Onehunga she solves lot of problem's.Whenever I have a netball game she always there I love her really much she is the Best mother in the whole wide world 
Last but not least is my sister Her name is Juanita she is the coolest sister I have  ever had she communicate  with Lot's of other children she is really cool (even though we fight) My sister goes to Edgewater collage which is in pakuranga Her  favourite colour is Green yay GO GREEN 
Well thank you for coming on to my blog I hope you enjoyed looking on to my blog remember there load's of other blogs you could check out  Thank You very much 

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  1. Malo Angela, e ese le manaia o lo'u faitau i lau blog. E moni lava oe Angela, e tele na'ua mea lelei e fai e o tatou matua.
    Sometimes it's not until we list all the things that our parents do - do we realise that they really do so much for us. I'm glad that you understand this important truth already.

    I think you will go very far with the support both your parents and your sister give you.

    Keep up the good work Angela.

    Mrs Tele'a