Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tongan Ferry( A very sad story)

Hi today I m going to talk about something really sad that I saw on the News and heard from some people it was something that happened in Tonga. People said that the Tongan Ferry had went deep down in to the water they also said that they went out into the water at around 11 pm at night. Wow that is a really late time at night to go out. The boat was only Thirty years old and it has died that is really sad . Well it also said that there were Fifty men's that were out on the boat and the mother and the children were inside sleeping. When I watched the 3 News it said that there were 64 people missing and 2 people were found dead. The boats name was princess Ashika she was a special boat to the Tongan people. I hope they find those people in the water. Oh and if any of your family members were on this boat please leave me a comment and tell me about how you feel and who that person is and if you don't want to tell me about it I will understand, Thank you very much. Oh don't forget a big Thank you to this website for this beautiful picture of Ashika and google images

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