Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LRRH (Little Red Riding Hood)

Last week in extension we had to do a animation about Little Red Riding it was the coolest computer work I have ever done this year I was excited. Then Mrs Tele'a told us to get in groups in my group was Ala,Selena and Blessing we had to break up the part in little red riding hood so we could make it easier for us. Then we had to choose who was going to draw what in my group we decided that in the first part that Ala will draw little red riding, Selena will draw the mother,Blessing will draw the basket and the sandbox and I had to draw the background. After that we got straight on to the second part on the second part Ala had to draw the background, Blessing had to draw the wolf and I had to draw the grandma's  cottage.When we finished we had to do the  but on the Third part my group was a bit sad because we didn't get to finish it but unless we got to finish the other part's. Well that's all I have time for thank you for coming on to my blog I hope you you visit me again. Oh one more thing if you want to find out how our movie went check it out on Wednesday Triangle TV 5.45 pm.thank you oh and if you want to tell me what your favourite fairytale is story leave a comment and tell me about it.Thank you for the photo http://www.thefeltsource.com/LittleRedRidingHoodLarge.jpg 

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