Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hamish Campbell conference

Hi today I am going to tell you about the conference that the extension group had with a famous geologist and a paleontologist Hamish Campbell He works in a museum called Te Papa it is in  the capital city of New Zealand,Wellington. He works with a lady called Diana-Grace she is a important person at the Te Papa museum. Hamish Campbell talked to us about the earthquake that happened in Fiordland. the earthquake was 30 second long.

He said that earthquakes a really dangerous because it can happened really quickly and we have no warnings that it going to happened but the most dangerous thing about it is that people can die.  He knows this because in Tangshan,China 1976  their was a humongous earthquake that happened just in fifteen seconds and during that earthquake 242.000 people died in it and around 57.000 people were injured and that made us feel really sad.  But in the Fiordland earthquake nobody died and it was longer than the China one. They said that the earthquake in Fiordland was also felt in  New Plymouth.

In our first conference we were talking about the dinosaurs we were also talking about a lady that found the very first fossil in New Zealand  her name was Joan Wiffen she is a really special person to New Zealand.Well unfortunately in this conference, Hamish Campbell said in a sad voice " Joan Wiffen as actually past away" that made us feel even more sadder she died at the age of 87 she was also known as the dinosaur lady. If you want to find out information about Joan Wiffen make sure you click onto Joan Wiffen's name and if you want information about Hamish Campbell click on to either of his name and  you could click on Fiordland to find out about the earthquake.Thank you to Te Papa,Diana-grace and Hamish Campbell for that interview we hope you can conference with us again.Oh do you know what a seismometer is, it is a machine that records the earthquake here is a seismometer that I made with my friends Selena and Ala.


  1. Hello Angela. You have written well in that you explained clearly all the things we covered in our video conference with Hamish. If I didn't know anything about earthquakes, Hamish Campbell and dinosaurs - NZ - I would be brought up to speed with all that you have included in this post. Good work Angela. It's great that you have hyperlinked keywords for your readers. This will certainly help them to understand more.
    Malo lava Angela, to'aga pea.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Mrs Tele'a
    Thank you for all the comment you left on my blog I really love it thank you for been a great extension teacher to us you are funny,smart,fun and alos caring thank you for teaching a lot of things I hope you visit my blog again and leave me another beautiful and lovely comment Bye