Monday, February 9, 2009

Orewa Beach

In the holidays I went to a beach called Orewa . It is an hour away from Auckland I was really
tired. When I got there I ran to the beach. When I ran onto the sand there were crabs and baby eels. When I saw crab it bit me on my toes. I was going to scream like I was going to explode into a hundred pieces. When a massive wave was coming I got on my surf board as fast as I could but I missed it. When I got on my surf board I was exhausted to the max. After I had a surf I lay down on the soft sand with my cousin his name was Joseph. After I had a lie on the sand I had to go and eat.
I felt really happy when my mum took me to the beach


  1. Sounds like it was lots of fun Angela. Keep up the posting.
    Ms Squires

  2. Good job Angela. You used a lot of descriptive and powerful words in your story. Our favourite part was when you got bitten by a crab.
    Selena and Ala

  3. Hi Angela,
    Good work I can imagine going to the beach and exploding in to 1 hundred pieces that's awesome!Keep it coming!