Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Statistics game

Last week on Thursday we had a hockey game in the Hall so we could learn our statistics maths .The aim of the game was to hit the ball in and out of the cones until the end.I smashed the ball into the cones but I still made it I got 43 seconds on my second turn I got 37 seconds but on my last I got 33 seconds I was expended I was really happy. When my partner Selena played She said she was tired and hot like a pink pig but she still went but this time she went slowly like a turtle but a little faster. When she got half way the crowd were cheering and laughing like monkeys from the jungle.

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  1. WOW Angela,
    what a great story about the statistics game that we had.I really liked the way that you used similes and powerful verbs.

    I liked the part when you said that Selena was as slow as a turtle.

    Well by for now.