Monday, December 7, 2009

The most coolest Cooking Day ever

 Picnic On the 03/12/09
"MMMMMM" I said as my stomach was growling for some food. Oh hi today at school we had a share lunch. For our share lunch we had to be into a group of four or five but in my group we had  six people. It was a lot but it turned out really great at the end.

When we had our share lunch Ms Squires said we had to bring something we made at home the thing that I made was wait for it wait for it............... I made the most populist pancakes which are called pikelets the pikelets  I had made  was a nice spread of strawberry jam and a big blob of beautiful white cream which was put it to the cold fringe it was as cold as the ice in Antarctica that was about to melt into dry grass

When we started our share lunch my friend Seini-Mino brought  chop suey and rice my other friends brought (Ala) cupcakes and chocolate, (Toreka) Sticky rice, (Selena) potato salad and Rice, (Mubasshira) Brownies, Cake, (Me) Pikelets and Cheerios sausages with sauce dipping.

My favourite food that I ate was the chop suey and rice it was so nice that I wanted to to eat it all. The other favourite thing that I ate was the pikelets that I made it was Delicious it was delicious because I liked the jam that was spreaded onto the pikelets.

My Highlight for the day was eating the other peoples food and eating my own food. I was so excited when Ms Squires said we were having a share lunch I was so excited like a monkey getting excited to eat his Banana.
                                     The End 

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