Monday, December 7, 2009

My Reflection of the year

For my Reflection this year I think I did a bit well and a bit not so good because I think I have been a little naughty to my Teachers but on the bright side I have been a good girl.

The thing I want to Improve next year is working really hard on my exams and making sure I listen to my teachers and parents. Next year I will promise you that I will be a better person and be a better role model to little kids around the school. Oh one more thing I hope you make a  goal for yourself Next year.

My Highlight for this year is preforming in our school production I also like participating in sport in our school like for example Netball,Rugby  and Athletics. If you want to hear about our school production than please read the next blog I am about to post on my blog.

Through out this whole year I think I preformed really well. I think on term 1 I was really excited  about coming back to school but when the thing started to change was in term 2 I started to get a little bit lazy and slack. After term 2  it was the next term I thought I was going to be lazy and slack . But I really wasn't it started to get a bit better . The cool thing was was that it got even better in term 4 because we did a lot of fun and cool things it was fantastic 

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